Strict_Machine (strict_machine) wrote in defixiones,

Holy Fucking shit...

We saw Diamanda Galas perform Defixiones "Orders from the Dead" last night at Hamer Hall.
We have been to many many concerts the last few years of a wide ranging variety..
nothing comes close to this
Image hosted by
To see so much love and hate at the same time was more overwhelming that what I could ever describe. The shadow she cast on the big black curtain with her cackle and wails and prayers and poems of torture and death... to have so much unflinching conviction towards a belief you have deserves the upmost respect.. I am looking forward to seeing her again on Monday to perform Songs of Exile...

It was a thrill to have her also come hang out in the Lounge after the performance, people helped her walk, she looked completely exhausted - I can only imagine.. I sat in the front row and was exhausted after only having had watched her... I hope she comes back here on Monday also, we'd like the chance to say thank you and hello..

and today we saw her "In Conversation" as part of a new initiative of the MIAF - to hear her talk about thoughts and opinions, what she has done and is doing inbetween wise-cracks and laughing was just as awesome as the concert..
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