eee (autosuggestion) wrote in defixiones,


Hey everyone - I'm new to the community but have been a Galas fan for a few years now. I thought I'd let you soulseek users know that I've got some concert videos and interviews that I've collected, so if you're interested my screen name is 'these heroics.'
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I'd love to get a peek at the videos and interviews!
hello, i'd love to grab some too - new to soulseek so i don't have anything up in return just yet...
halo everybody!
please tell me -
how can i join this commuunity?
i realy want it...
Hello, I'm very interested in the concert videos, I cannot find you at soulseek
Do you have the latest version? Sometimes people using different versions can't see each other, apparently.

I have Soulseek Client version: 156.1

But as far as I know, I can only earch on file names and not on usernames, so I've searched on Diamanda Galas, but didn't saw your username.

Mine on soulseek is Malesh. I've got about 10.000 files sharing, but cause of my uploadlimit, I only put the first or last half of it on it. Let me know if you're looking for something peticulair.
I have version 157 test 5, so that's probably why we can't see each other. I don't know what the latest version is, though.