Two sails on a Sound (spliceandcut) wrote in defixiones,
Two sails on a Sound


I just want to say that diamanda galad is hands down, my favorite singer of all time.

I was thinking of making a community for her, then I found this one! so I guess I don't have too...

any way...

diamanda played 2 shows in portland last september. One of "Defixtiones" and the other of "La Serpenta Canta". I only went to the "La Serpenta Canta" and it wasn't so great because I had terrible seats and she didnt play some of the best songs on that album like "Burning hell" or "Anit no grave going to hold me down". I in fact heard the "Defixtiones" show was a lot better though... I really reget not going to that. man...

but any way! she signed my book... or whatever it was they handed out at the show... I got to touch her and freaked out majorly and just told her that she was so great! I wasn't real familiar with her then though... so that was kind of weird but yeah...

Just thought I would share!
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